The Airworthiness Office is responsible for safety oversight of continuing airworthiness within the Solomon Islands Civil Aviation system. The Office ensures that Aviation Industry participants conduct their operations in compliance with the regulatory obligations under the Civil Aviation Act (the Act), the Civil Aviation Rules (CAR) and their Expositions.

The major function of the Airworthiness Branch is to provide technical advice to the Director on all matters of concern affecting it, including but not limited to:

  1. Continuing Airworthiness of aircraft and parts thereof;
  2. Initial Approval and renewal of Maintenance Organizations, Design Organizations and Supply Organizations;
  3. Conducting routine surveillance on Maintenance Organizations, Design Organizations and Supply Organizations;
  4. Approval and renewal of Design Organization Part 183 Authorized Engineering Representatives;
  5. Registration and de-registration of aircraft;
  6. Issuance of Certificate of Airworthiness, Export Certificate of Airworthiness and Special Flight Permits;
  7. Granting or validation of Aircraft Noise Certification;
  8. Approval of Aircraft Maintenance Program, Minimum Equipment List and Aircraft Flight Manual;
  9. Acceptance of Company Expositions (MOE, MCM, SOE, DOE, etc);
  10. Continuing Airworthiness Oversight, Enforcement Actions;
  11. Distribution of Airworthiness Information (Airworthiness Directives, Service Alert Bulletins, etc) to the public.