Aerodromes Oversight

The Aerodromes Branch is responsible for the certification and safety oversight of Airports/Aerodromes under the Civil Aviation Act 2008 (as amended), Civil Aviation Rule Parts 139 and 157 and ICAO SARPs
Twenty-four hours a day, 365 days of a year, an aeroplane takeoff or lands every second on an airport somewhere on the face of the earth.
CAASI provide guidelines, procedures, and investigation to assess the aerodrome operator to process for the issuance of aerodrome certificate. It is designed to ensure that the required standards are applied and conform with standard & recommended practices and Civil Aviation Rules Part 139.
A fundamental element of such responsibilities is the requirement to periodically inspect and or test certified aerodromes for compliance. Thus, a functioning CAASI inspection/audit process is needed for the regulator to properly carry out safety oversight and fulfill its mandated responsibility.
Aerodromes are categorized into 2 parts Certified and Non-Certified Aerodromes which is further defined in ‘Rule Part 139 Aerodromes Certification and Operation’