The objective of the Authority is to undertake the safety, security, and other functions in a way that contributes to the aim of achieving an integrated, safe, responsive and sustainable aviation transport system. Our functions are outlined under Section 10 of the Civil Aviation Act which include:

  • to promote civil aviation safety and security in Solomon Islands;
  • to promote civil aviation safety and security beyond Solomon Islands in accordance with the international obligations of Solomon Islands;
  • to establish a service to be called the Aviation Security Service;
  • to appoint where required a Chief Investigator to investigate and review any accident or incident in accordance with Part VIII;
  • to maintain and preserve records and documents relating to activities within the civil aviation system, and in particular to maintain the Solomon Islands Register of Aircraft and the Civil Aviation Registry;
  • to ensure the collection, publication, and provision of charts and aeronautical information, and to enter into arrangements with any other person or organization to collect, publish, and distribute such charts and information;
  • to provide to the Minister, the Director or a Chief Investigator such information, advice, service or resource which may assist in the implementation of this Act and its regulations and rules;
  • to promote safety and security in the civil aviation system by providing safety and security information and advice, and fostering safety and security information education programmes;