Welcome to the Civil Aviation Authority of Solomon Islands

The Civil Aviation Authority of Solomon Islands (CAASI) was established in 2008 by the Civil Aviation Act 2008. CAASI is a statutory body with legal mandate to promote aviation safety and security through effective safety regulation of the civil aviation industry, with emphasis on preventing aviation accidents and incidents within the civil aviation system in Solomon Islands.
While the safety regulation of civil aviation remains its primary role, CAASI also provides aviation security, safety education and training programs including responsibilities for airspace regulation.

As a signatory to the Convention of International Civil Aviation in 1985, Solomon Islands is responsible for maintaining ongoing compliance with its international obligations and CAASI provides for this in its management of the aviation sector. CAASI strives to achieve safety and security outcomes in the sector, as outlined in the Civil Aviation Rules.
Our VISION is be a model civil aviation safety regulator.
Our MISSION to facilitate through strategic planning and effective regulation, the operation of a safe, secure and efficient national civil aviation industry that conforms to International Standards and Recommended Practices.